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Episode 51: Google Release Party

Google has released a number of new products and as such we’d like to take a few moments to discuss them. This episode covers the Home Mini and Max, the Pixels 2, the bluetooth “Translation Buds”, the ai-insta-life-cam, and the Pixelbook. (read more)

Episode 50: Do Not Call

We take a look at the often missed do not call list and how you can protect yourself from mobile spam. We also discuss the Equifax hack, and some new Google products (read more)

Episode 49: Around the World without Fail

Chris joins us back from Bali, and Casey joins us back from Europe! We discuss travel, the iPhone X, the Equihack, and staying safe via VPN (read more)

Episode 48: Watching the Smartwatches

Is this the year the smartwatches finally become accepted by the public? Maybe so, but probably for the wrong reasons. Also we discuss using drop-in via the echo, as well as a new Nest device (read more)

Episode 47: What is your antivirus?

What do you do for antivirus? We discuss the current state of virus and malware distribution and how to protect yourself from it. We also discuss why you should stop using Accuweather immediately, and how the AppleTV is just not getting any love (read more)

Episode 46: Feature or Fad?

Where are we with phones now? Are the new features useful, or are we entering a place where it is all just fad and fade? In this episode we discuss the new iPhone, the new Pixel, and of course ways to keep yourself safe from malware. (read more)

About Developer Antics

Developer Antics is an informative podcast that brings you up to speed on some of the latest trends in the software industry as well as some lively conversation about current events. We bring you tech news and explain why it matters and the role it plays in your life.

The show is hosted by Phil and Casey, two enterprise solution architects who each bring a unique perspective to the table. Both are solution architects, but are separated by their background expertise. Casey is a server-side champion of Java while Phil is a client-side and mobile expert.

The show style is based off of a webinar that Casey and Phil did for Spring on building a shopping cart in 24 hours. This webinar broke the record for attendance as well as having the distinction of having a webinar run longer in the Question and Answer portion than the actual presentation.

Casey and Phil have previously hosted "The Full Stack" podcast and are excited to bring this new show and format to the masses.